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15 rub/km


17 rub/km


1 399 rub/hour


30 rub/km


30-40 rub/km


From the Airport and the Railway Station or from anywhere on the KMV to the destination

Cities KMV

Pyatigorsk, Lermontov and Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, Mineralnye Vody, Georgievsk

Parks and monuments

Lermontov House, St. Lazarevsky temple, Beshtaugorsky Monastery, St. Michael's church, of Holy Protection Church


Honey Waterfalls, Ring Mountain, Mountain Snake, Ravine "dropper", Tambukansky lake


The first settlements on the territory of Sukhum appeared in the Old Stone Age, about 300 thousand years ago Abkhazia - the most watery area of ​​the planet, according to the quantity of fresh water per 1 sq. km is ahead of all other countries

In Abkhazia, is the deepest in the world karst cave is vertical Krubera Cave (mountain Arabica, district Gagra), 1830m depth

Far transfer


Passenger traffic in the countries of the Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan. Or ski resorts: Arkhyz, Dombay, Elbrus. By the ancient monuments, sources.


On the territory of Georgia have found the remains of the first representatives of the human race. They were discovered in 1991 in Dmanisi and date from about 1.77 million years ago. They were given names and Mzia Zezva.

One of the many Georgia attractions - hang everywhere underwear that Georgians are not placed on the territory of the balcony and beyond.


Echmiadzin Cathedral was the first official church, built in the 4th century. This place is the headquarters of all the Armenian churches in the world, and also one of the most visited places of pilgrimage.

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world, which started to produce wine.

The orange color of the flag symbolizes the Armenian apricot. That's how important this fruit for the Armenians.


Dombai - a great place for a first acquaintance with the Caucasus. Lofty peaks Sofrudzhu images, Belalakaya and Dombay-Ulgen will remain forever in the memory.

East food: thick and fragrant Lagman warm and give strength to the middle of the day.

"UFO" - a monument of architecture, presented in 1969 by Finnish architects as a sign of friendship. This unusual alpine hotel only six seats, located at an altitude of 2250m, takes the guests in summer and winter.


Zest Arkhyz - night skiing, which can boast only a few Russian resorts.

Look Arkhyz is very different from others, spontaneously developing resort of the Caucasus. here happily united local architectural traditions and European experience of mountain building.

To supplement the beneficial effect of the spa climate can be called a traditional jam from cones, rich in vitamins and volatile production.


Elbrus - the highest mountains of Russia. Its height is 5642 meters. At the top of Elbrus is not one, but two, with the difference in their height does not exceed twenty-one meters.

On Mount Elbrus, a 4.1-km altitude, is the famous "Shelter of the Eleven" - the highest mountain hotel in the world, planted more in 1909.

Elbrus for the first time was conquered a man back in 1829.

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